Black and Grey Master


  • Custom Design

  • Shadow work

  • Black and white

  • Experience with different skin types



Tattoo specialities?

I love black & grey realism, but I do like to mix it up and do some bright designs. Custom portraits are another favourite.


Why did you start tattooing?


Because I ran out of paper…

Since a young lad, I was fascinated by my Uncle’s many tattoos - he told me he’d received them all in Shanghai using a chopstick! This wasn’t true (he got them all during shore leave in Portsmouth) but the interest it sparked in me was set. I even attempted to build my first tattoo machine when I was just ten years old, and the passion has been there ever since.

How long have you been tattooing?

25 years and counting.


What’s the best part of being a tattooist?

I love coming up with a design for someone that they really love and are enthusiastic about, but my favourite is when I can get some unique insight into the person and incorporate those personal elements into the tattoo.

…and the worst part?

Gotta be honest, my worst day in the tattoo studio is still miles better than the best day in any other job, so I can’t complain!

What’s your favourite style of tattoo?

Chicano gangster style black and grey work. I’m also really into black and grey horror-themed work as well.


What’s your greatest inspiration?

Dylan Thomas, Bob Ross, Gustave Dore. At the moment I’m watching loads of old horror films, so I’m taking inspiration from those too. There are loads of tattooists that I admire, but if I start naming them I’ll forget someone important and be mortified! 

What are you like in real life?


I don’t have a life… 

Nah, I like fast cars, tinkering with machines and coming up with cool ideas for building awesome stuff! My saying is, “Find a way or make a way” and that philosophy is part of my tattooing. 


I’m full of random nuggets of interesting information and pop culture references, and I love sharing a laugh with people.  


Describe yourself in 5 words:


Short, hairy one at Moko

White Dagger




Moko Tattoo Studio

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Tel: 07541747790

Facebook: Mokotattoostudio


Tuesday - Saturday: 12pm - 7pm(ish)

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