Whether it is your first time here or you’re a seasoned human canvass, we’ve covered the most important aspects of care here for you. Check here for answers to your burning questions about
caring for your tattoo, before, during and after.


If you’re curious about anything that isn’t here, check our FAQ section, where we answer even more of your most-asked questions.


And in the unlikely event that we forgot something you can always drop us a line!

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First things first:

  • Come into the studio to talk to us about your design ideas. If you’ve got any pictures or designs, then bring them along.

  • Agree on an idea, choose an artist, book a date and pay your deposit.

  • When you get home, put together your ‘mood board’ of pictures and images that will be the inspiration for your piece. We’re not suggesting you go home and start cutting out pictures from the Argos catalogue and sticking them to an A3 piece of cardboard for us, a virtual collection on your phone will suffice!

On the day: 

  • Have a shower, innit!

  • Eat a decent meal about an hour before, there is no eating in the studio space.

  • Bring a sugary drink to sip on while you get tatted. Your blood sugar and adrenaline are gonna be fluctuating and the sugar helps with this. 

  • Bring your mood board!

  • Don’t drink alcohol before, it will not help.



  • Be prepared to do a bit of waiting around, we are designing a tailor-made piece while you chill and getting this perfect can sometimes take a while! This is a normal part of the custom tattooing process, so don’t stress.

  • There is no smoking and no eating in the studio, but it’s fine if you need to pop out to the foyer to eat or outside for a smoke because you need a break.

  • Getting tattooed is physically tiring, so be prepared to feel pretty fatigued once your session is all done.

  • Your tattoo might not be finished in one session. Be prepared for this. We are not trying to rip you off if you need to come back again, we are simply trying to give you the best piece of work we can.



  • We’ll cover the fresh tattoo with clingfilm when we’re done and send you home like that, to keep the area as sanitary as possible.

  • When you get home, take off the clingfilm and gently clean the area with a little warm water and a little non-scented soap (anything chock full of scents and shizz will irritate the crap out of your tattoo, don’t use them). Pat dry with a clean towel.

  • Once dry, apply a thin layer of Cocoa Butter on the area and let that work its magic! We recommend using the Palmer’s Pure Cocoa Butter, no additives or funky stuff and it smells lush, so everybody wins. Use this throughout the healing process.

  • Don’t submerge your tattoo in water for at least 7 days, but ideally not until it’s fully healed. If your new tattoo gets water-logged it’ll go squishy and weird and won’t heal properly. Gross!

  • Don’t expose your fresh tattoo to harsh, direct sunlight. Basically, don’t go sunbathing straight after, cuz that will also mess up the healing process.

  • Don’t. Scratch. Your. New. Tattoo.

  • If there is anything you are unsure about regarding your new piece, or if you have any concerns post-tattoo, please drop in or give us a ring, we will be happy to talk to you.




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